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Thursday October 26th

9:00 - 09:30 Welcoming and Registration
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09:30 - 10:00 Opening Ceremony


10:00 - 10:45


Keynote Talk 1 : Chip Technology and Computing: the need of new mind set to sustain the future

Prof. Said HAMDIOUI, Netherlands.

Moderator : Prof. A. Essahlaoui

10:45 - 11:15

Coffee Break

11:15 - 13:00

(Parallel sessions)

Session -1- : Artificial Intelligence (Amphitheater)

Chairs: Prof. A. Ahaitouf , Prof. A. El Oauzizi, Prof. El. Nfaoui and Prof. A. El Affar
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  • ID: 113 - Abd Allah Aouragh and Mohamed Bahaj. «Integrating Machine Learning and Optimisation for Parkinson's Detection: A Study of SMOTE, Featurewiz, Genetic Algorithm and Grid Search».
  • ID: 7 - Rachid Fateh, Hicham Oualla, Es-Said Azougaghe, Anouar Darif, Ahmed Boumezzough, Said Safi, Mathieu Pouliquen and Miloud Frikel. «Kernel Adaptive Filters for Machine Learning-Based System Identification with Binary Output Data».
  • ID: 31 - Mohamed Achraf El Youbi El Idrissi, Loubna Laaouina, Adil Jeghal, Hamid Tairi and Moncef Moncef Zaki. «Application of machine learning to additive manufacturing tasks: the state of the art».
  • ID: 32 - Sara El Ouahabi, Safaa El Ouahabi and El Wardani Dadi. «Sentiment Analysis for Moroccan Dialect using the model of Maching learning».
  • ID: 36 - Jaouad Tagnamas, Hiba Ramadan, Ali Yahyaouy and Hamid Tairi. «Combining CNNs and Transformer networks for improved breast ultrasound image segmentation»

Session -2- : Machine Learning (Meeting room)

Chairs: Prof. E.B Tazi, Prof. S. El Hazzat, Prof. M. El Oouazizi and Prof. A. Chillali
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  • ID: 42 - Youssef Es-Sabry, Marwane Bensaad, Hind Talbi and Elmiloud Chaabelasri. «Numerical Investigation of Natural Convection in a Right-Angled Trapezoidal Enclosure Filled with Hybrid Nanofluid under Magnetic Effects».
  • ID: 54 - Sabri Abdelouahed, Ennouni Assia and Aarab Abdellah. «Face detection based on deep learning approaches: A comparative study».
  • ID: 59 - Azzedine El Mrabet, Ayoub Tber, Rachida Elmousaid, Laamari Hlou and Rachid El Gouri. « Tiny Machine Learning for IoT-Enabled Embedded Systems: A Review».
  • ID: 63 - Mohamed Htiti, Aziza El Ouaazizi, Ismail Akharraz and Abdelaziz Ahaitouf. «New Deep Steganography Model Based on Josephus Confusion».
  • ID: 74 - Hajar Krim and Abdelhadi Assir. «Intelligent Deep Learning Model for Disease Detection in Plants: Leveraging Particle Swarm Optimization in Intelligent Agriculture».

Session -3- : Computer vision (Classroom B1)

Chairs: Prof. J. Boumhidi, Prof. S. Alaoui and Prof. M. Abarkan
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  • ID: 87 - Wijdane Merioumi, Ghita Ibrahimi and Bouchra Benchekroun. «Exploration of the Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Decision-Making Process: A Thematic literature Review».
  • ID: 94 - Salma Sbaii and Nawal Sael. «Machine Learning for Fake Reviews Detection in Online Platforms: Comparative Study».
  • ID: 100 - Meryem Ouazzani Chahdi, Afafe Annich, Adnane Ouazzani Chahdi and Khalid Satori. «Advancing Visual Relationship Detection: Comparative Analysis of ResNet101 vs. ResNet152».
  • ID: 114 - Meryem Ec-Sabery, Adil Ben Abbou, Abdelali Boushaba, Fatiha Mrabti and Rachid Ben Abbou. « HyIDS: A Hybrid Intrusion Detection System in IaaS Cloud».
  • ID: 123 - Sanae Filali Zegzouti, Oumayma Banouar and Benslimane Mohamed. «Comparative analysis of deep learning-based generative models used for recommendation systems».
13:00 - 15:00 Lunch


15:00 - 15:45


Keynote Talk 2 : Problem Framing for Data Science Initiatives - Auto Insurance Case

Prof. Mo Medwani, United States of America

Moderator : Prof. Mohamed. Nemiche
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16:00 - 16:15

Coffee Break

16:20 - 18:00

(Parallel sessions)

Session -4- : Artificial Intelligence (Amphitheater)

Chairs: Prof. M. Nemich, Prof. M. Ouriagli, prof. Em. Boufounas and Prof. A. Mouhib
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  • ID: 10 - Oumaima Stitini, Soulaimane Kaloun and Omar Bencharef. «A scenario case study of a recommender system designed using various collaborative filtering algorithm techniques».
  • ID: 12 - Moulay Abdellah Kassimi, Abdessalam Essayad and Khalid Tatane. «Classifying Authenticity of Prophet’s statements using Artificial intelligence techniques».
  • ID: 22 - Charlène Béatrice Bridge-Nduwimana, Aziza El Ouaazizi and Majid Benyakhlef. «Pre-treatment Proposal for Effective Forecasting of Used car Pricing».
  • ID: 23 - Youssef Achir, Ayman Nait Cherif, Youssfi Mohamed, Elgarej Mouhcine and Omar Bouattane. «Overview of Self-Sovereign Identity for Blockchain-based Authentication».
  • ID: 24 - Amri Meryem and Haddouch Khalid. «Comparison of performance of feature engineering techniques for text classification».

Session -5- : Security and information processing (Meeting room)

Chairs: Prof. A. El Ouazizi, Prof. D. Achemlal and Prof. S. Lalaoui Rhali
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  • ID: 29 - Ismail Fdilat, Khadija Louzaoui and Khalid Benlhachmi. «Unveiling Blockchain Technology: A Comprehensive Exploration of Types and Variants».
  • ID: 52 - Adil Marouan, Morad Badrani, Nabil Kannouf and Abdelaziz Chetouan. «A comparative study on signature algorithms of Blockchain 2.0-based applications».
  • ID: 62 - Zakaria Al Bakkari, Adil El Makrani, Ikram El Azami and Moulay Hafid Aabidi. «Forecasting Stock market index Using a Hybrid Model LSTM-CNN with Attention Mechanism».
  • ID: 69 - Mohammed Bahbib and Majid Ben Yakhlef. «Effects of applying stemmers with word representation on Arabic text classification performance using deep learning methods».

Session -6- : Artificial Intelligence (Classroom B1)

Chairs: Prof. K. El Moutaouakil Prof. EL. Tazi and Prof. M. Ben Yakhlef
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  • ID: 85 - Farida Bouroumane and Mustapha Abarkan. «Measuring the effectiveness of serious games intended for use in teaching».
  • ID: 91 - Mohamed Daouad, Fadoua Ataa Allah and El Wardani Dadi. «Impact of spectrogram resizing for automatic speech recognition case of Amazigh isolated word».
  • ID: 107 - Lamyae El Youbi El Idrissi, Ismail Akharaz and Abdelaziz Ahaitouf. «Recommender Systems based on Matrix Factorization: Comparative Analysis».
  • ID: 13 - Naima Elyanboiy, Mohamed Khala, Ismail Elabbassi, Nourddine Elhajrat, Omar Eloutassi, Youssef El Hassouani and Choukri Messaoudi. «Artificial intelligence approaches for smart anomaly detection in solar power systems».
  • ID: 14 - Hajar Elkarch, Rachid Elgouri, Mohamed Benaly and Abdelkader Mezouari. «Raspberry Pi 4-Based Real-Time System for Solar Panels Soiling and Dust Detection Using Deep Learning and Computer Vision Approaches».


Friday October 27th


10:00 - 10:45


Keynote Talk 3 : Unlocking the Potential of Aerial Networking with Reinforcement Learning

Prof. AMINE DHRAIEF, Tunisia

Moderator : Prof. Majid Benyakhlef
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10:45 - 11:10

Coffee Break

11:10 - 12:50

(Parallel sessions)

Session -7-: Artificial Intelligence (Amphitheater) (Amphitheater)

Chairs: Prof. S. Alaoui, Prof. A. Labzour and Prof. A. Boua
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  • ID: 18 - Marwane Bensaad, Youssef Es-Sabry and Elmiloud Chaabelasri. «Meshless artificial viscosity model for shock capturing in shallow water flows ».
  • ID: 33 - Hillali Youness, Najlae Alfathi, Samir Chafik and Mourad Zegrari. «Variability study for balancing an assembly line: dynamic balancing ».
  • ID: 45 - Ouadiâ Chekira, Abdelfettah El-Ghajghaj, Younes Boujoudar, Hassan El Moussaoui, Tijani Lamhamdi, Ali Boharb and Hassan El Markhi. «Efficient Energy Management for a Solar-Wind Microgrid Using Fuzzy Logic Control».
  • ID: 53 - Ali Lamrani Alaoui, Abdel-Illah Amrani, Ahmed Alami Merrouni, Jamal-Eddine Salhi, Abdelkarim Daoudia, Youssef El Hassouani, Elmiloud Chaabelasri and Mohammed Halimi. «Energy efficiency optimization of buildings during the cold season under desert climate ».
  • ID: 55 - Jawad El Marbouh and Nacer Eddine El Kadri Elyamani. «Evaluation of RANS turbulence models, including the GEKO model for turbulent flow around a wind turbine blade S809».

Session -8-: Intelligent Control and Neural Network (Meeting room)

Chairs: Prof. M. El Ouazizi, Prof. A. El Affar and Prof. M. Nemich, R. El Alami
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  • ID: 58 - Elhoussein Elouardi, Ismail Lagrat, Omar Mouhib, Ahmed Bentaleb and Brahim El Ouardi. «Fuzzy-PI Controller Using Line Integral Lyapunov Fuzzy Function : Application to Electric Vehicle Powered by PMSM motor».
  • ID: 61 - Ibrahim Elidrissi, Fatima Ez.Zahra Lamzouri, Abderrahman Mouradi and El-Mahjoub Boufounas. «Intelligent Control for increasing Maximum Extracted Power of a Wind Generation System».
  • ID: 67 - Issam Bekki, Fatima Ez.Zahra Lamzouri, Aumeur El Amrani and El-Mahjoub Boufounas. «An Intelligent MPPT Controller Based on Bald Eagle Search Optimization Algorithm for a Thermoelectric Generator System ».
  • ID: 72 - Meriem Megrini, Ahmed Gaga and Youness Mehdaoui. «A Comparative Study of Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Controller Approaches for BLDC Motor Speed Control».
  • ID: 81 - Badr El Kihel, Nacer Eddine El Kadri Elyamani and Abdelhakim Chillali. «Assessment of the Wind Power Capacity in the Taza Province of Morocco ».

Session -9-: Computer vision (Room B1)

Chairs: Prof. C. El Kasri Prof. M. Ben Yakhlef, Prof. and Prof. A. EL AZZOUZI
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  • ID: 104 - Abderrahmane Kaouachi, Salah Daoudi and Imad Elmahi. «Modeling Multiphase Flows Through Porous Media : A Study of the IMPES Solver for Oil and Gas Storage Reservoirs».
  • ID: 121 - Zakaria El Khadiri, Rachid Latif and Amine Saddik. «Physiological Indicators Estimation Through Photoplethysmography Wave Analysis using Serial-EMD and Fast PCA methods».
  • ID: 16 - Inasse El Arabi, Anas Chafi and Salaheddine Kammouri Alami. «A Comparative Study of Lie-Trotter and Strang Markus Methods for Numerical Simulation of the Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Equation».
  • ID: 27 - Abdelghani Idrissi, Tarek El Bardouni, Ibrahym Dourki and Mohamed Drissi El-Bouzaidi. «Investigation of the performance of X-ray tubes using Geant4 Monte Carlo toolkit ».
  • ID: 28 - Soukaina Samhale, Khadija Louzaoui and Khalid Benlhachmi. «Human-Computer Interaction: A Bibliometric Analysis».
13:00 - 15:30 Lunch

15:45 - 17:30

(Parallel sessions)



Session -10-: Security and information processing (Meeting room)

Chairs: Prof. S. El Hazzat, Prof. A. Dakkak and Prof. M. El Ouazizi
Google meeting Link:

  • ID: 68 - Khadija El Kinani, Salma Bendaoud and Fatima Amounas. « A New Image Crypto-compression Scheme using hybrid approach with DWT and ECC for Emerging IoT Applications».
  • ID: 79 - Fatehi Al Talqi. « Design And simulation Microstrip Antenna with Array 1×4 Circular Patch for GPS at 6.6 GHz».
  • ID: 83 - Mouhssine Elbathaoui, Nawfal Jebbor and El-Mahjoub Boufounas. « Effects of SRR metamaterial cell variables on resonance frequency and miniaturization».
  • ID: 97 - Mohamed Loughmari and Anass El-Affar. « Toward a DoS and DDoS Detection using Extreme Gradient Boosting».
  • ID: 57 - Ikram Karabila, Nossayba Darraz, Salma Chenouni, Anas El-Ansari, Nabil Alami and Mostafa El Mallahi. «A new approach to recommendation system based on Sentiment Analysis».

Session -11-: Computer vision (Amphitheater)

Chairs: Prof. M. Nemich Prof. S. Alaoui and Prof. A. Ahaitouf
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  • ID: 98 - Hamid El Moumen and Nabil El Akchioui. « About the reliability analysis by Stochastic Petri net and Markov model: Comparative study».
  • ID: 101 - Ibrahim Khouyaoui, Jaouad Foshi and Mohamed Hamdaoui. «Design and comparison Analysis of circular and rectangular Patch Microstrip Antennas with slot and Dielectric Superstrates».
  • ID: 103 - Tarik Belhadad, Anass Kanna, Tarik El Rhafiki and Nacer Eddine El Kadri Elyamani. «CFD Verication of Consistent Wall Law for K-ω SST Turbulence Model in Adverse Pressure Gradient-Free Downward Flow».
  • ID: 106 - Hassane Benlaghrissi and L. Meriem Ouahidi. « Emerging Mobile Apps for Enhancing L2 Listening: A Case Study of Moroccan Students».

17:30 - 17:45

Coffee Break

17:45 - 18:15

Closing Ceremony
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